1. Do I have to make a reservation to attend the Emaar NYE23 show?

There are no reservations required for Emaar NYE23, as this is entirely on first-come, first-served basis​

2. Do I have to register to attend the Emaar NYE23 Show? 

There will be no registration required to attend the Emaar NYE23 show as this is entirely on first-come-first-serve basis​

3. Where will guests be able to access Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard? 

There will be 5 access points across Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard for visitors to access the area​

  1. Gate 1: Behind Downtown Command Centre​
  2. Gate 2: Behind Burj Vista​
  3. Gate 3: Near Emaar Square, adjacent to Boulevard Plaza Building​
  4. Gate 4: Opposite Address Boulevard ​
  5. Gate 5: Opposite Address Downtown​

4. What time will the roads close at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard?

This could happen at any point and is subject to final confirmation by the concerned authorities.​

5. What are the operational hours for the Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Metro station?

The Dubai Mall Metro Station can close any time between 2pm to 10pm, depending on the capacity of Dubai Mall. Once capacity has been met, the Metro station will close. ​

6. Will you have prayer rooms? 

There will be prayer rooms available across the underground parkings in Downtown Dubai​

7. Where can badge holders park their cars?

Parking is available for badge holders at two locations, with shuttle bus services available for pick up and drop off:​

  1. Al Wasl Sports Club​
  2. Meydan Falcon & Heritage Sports Centre​
  3. World Trade Center (TBC)​

8. At what locations will the shuttle bus drop-off and pick up guests from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard?

There will be shuttle bus services provided at the Parking Locations, starting from 5pm and will continue to pick up & drop-off visitors at 3 locations on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard: ​

  1. Armani Hotel ​
  2. Dubai Opera ​
  3. Address Downtown​

9. When is the last shuttle bus service to drop me to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard? 

The last shuttle bus service pick-up to Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard will be at 11:00pm​

10. How will I go back to the allocated parking spots? 

The shuttle bus service will resume after the Emaar NYE fireworks and laser show has come to an end​.

11. What time is the last drop-off to the parking locations? 

2:30 am will be the last drop off to the packing locations (TBC)​

12. I have a reservation at a restaurant in Dubai Mall to watch Emaar NYE; how can I access the mall and where can I park my car? 

You can access the mall at any point, if there is parking available. Once the mall parking is full, you will have to park at any of the 2 parking locations & take the shuttle bus to Downtown Dubai​

13. I have a reservation at a Hotel F&B outlet to watch Emaar NYE show; how can I access the hotel & where can I park my car?

You can access the Hotel at any point before road closure of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Once the roads are closed by concerned authorities, you will have to park at any of the 2 parking locations & take the shuttle bus to Downtown Dubai.​

14. I have a reservation at a restaurant located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard; How can I reach the restaurant?

You can access the restaurant from the closest gate in its vicinity, on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard from any of the 5 gates across downtown Dubai. ​

15. What time will the Emaar NYE Show start & when will it end? 

There will be a 3-min Emaar NYE pre- show beginning at 11:57 pm, followed by the official Emaar NYE show at 12:00am sharp, and will end at 12:07am.​

16. Will there be a laser & lights show on Burj Khalifa after Emaar NYE? 

The laser & lights show on Burj Khalifa will remain until the 31st of March​ 2023

17. Will you have entertainment before the Emaar NYE show starts? 

There will be a DJ performing at Burj Park from 7pm to 11pm. ​

We will also have LED screens strategically placed across Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard to provide live broadcasting of the ongoing entertainment, pre-NYE show starting from 8pm onwards. ​

18. How can I secure my spot at Burj Park? 

There is no reservation or booking for Burj Park. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis, until the maximum capacity has been met. After which, access will be closed to Burj Park.​

19. Will you be providing F&B to the guests in Burj Park? 

We are planning to have F&B Trucks available to purchase food  in Burj Park;  Taqado, 800-pizza,  Johnny Rockets, ChinChin, & Circle Cafe​

20. Will there be COVID-19 restrictions on capacity? 

There are no mandatory COVID-19 restrictions, however, we encourage all visitors to maintain social distancing. ​

21. Will there be taxis in Downtown Dubai? Where will they be located?

Taxis will operate as normal while the roads are open. They will not be able to access downtown once the roads have been closed by Dubai Police and drop off/pick up will no longer be allowed.​

22. Is there a dedicated space for People of Determination? 

Yes, there is a limited dedicated space for People of Determination to watch the NYE show. Security across Dubai Mall would be able to provide you with the closest access to this location​

23. What time will the roads on Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard open for car access?

This could take place any time between 1 am to 2 am, depending on concerned authorities’ directions.​

24. Which Parking will be open in Dubai Mall? 

All parking’s will be open in Dubai Mall until full capacity has been met​

25. Until what time can I access the Parking in Dubai Mall?

Vehicles will be unable to access parking areas after full capacity has been met and/or once roads leading to Dubai Mall parking are closed by authorities​

26. What time can I leave the Dubai Mall parking?

Once Dubai Police have removed their barricades ​

27. Can I watch the NYE show from the bridge at the Dubai Fountains?

This will not be open to the public & no access will be granted to visitors. ​

28. Can I watch the NYE show from Time Out Market?

You will only be able to access the Time Out Market if you have a booking reservation in any of the restaurants located there. Wristbands will be provided to guests to be able to access Time Out Market.​

29. Where can I be dropped off & picked up by personal transportation? 
If you arrive before the roads are closed, you may be dropped off at any location. However, once the roads have been closed by Dubai Police you will not be able to access Downtown.​

You may be picked up from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard after the Roads have been opened by Dubai Police.​

30. How will guests access restaurants on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard?

Badges will be issued for any F&B guest during Emaar NYE23 celebration. Once in the location the guest will be given a wrist band​

31. Will Dubai mall have an information kiosk to check the availability of the seats on promenade area?

Yes, Dubai Mall has a place to check the availability which will be located on Ground floor; The Souk Dome – Next to Dubai Dino.​

32. Will the wheelchair, buggy, Shop & Drop and delivery service be available in NYE 2023?

In Mall Shop & Drop service will be available.​

Home delivery service bags collecting will be available from 9AM to 2PM, and the delivery next day (no same day delivery on the 31st of December)​

33. Will valet parking be available in NYE 2023 ?  

Yes, the valet parking will be available in all locations from morning 9:30 until mall closing, Only Promenade Plaza (Big Heart) valet station will be closed during 31st Dec 2022​

34. Where can I report lost items or lost kids? (If the guest inside Dubai Mall)

Customers can approach the nearest security in the location, or you can call lost & found office ( 044485064 ) which is located inside the mall at lower ground floor near to FAB.​

35. Is Souk Al Bahar parking open to the public?

Souk Al Bahar parking will only be open to guests with reservations at Souk Al Bahar outlets.​

36. Is Fountain Views parking open to the public?

Yes, Fountain Views parking will be open to all visitors.​

37. Where can guests get information on NYE23?

Guests can reach us through one of the many communication channels available for any NYE related queries. These include: ​

1. The NYE website: www. mydubainewyear.emaar.com | This will be going live on the 15th of December​

2. U by Emaar App: Dedicated FAQ section for NYE23​

3. Social Media channels: Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook​

4. Asma Chatbot on Dubai Mall Website: Going live on the 15th of December​

5. NYE Contact Centre: 800-Emaar​

6. RTA Website (TBC)

38. Are there any medical emergency area or Kiosk with First Aid arrangements? 

Yes, there will be a mobile hospital and there are First Aid tents allocated across Downtown Dubai. Way signages will be available to help direct people on side. ​

39. Is there any separate area for Families, like before Burj park was allotted for families only? 

No specific allocations for families, it’s first come first serve for all. ​

40. How long will NYE Fire work will last for? 

The entire show will last for 7 mins (12am to 12:07am)​

41. Estimated fireworks show duration. 

The preshow is from 10:57pm to 12 am, and the official show will be from 12am to 12:07am​

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